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THEME OF THE MONTH: Responsibility
Quote of the Month:
“With freedom, comes responsibility.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
“With taking responsibility, comes freedom.” –The Giving Tree
When we first encounter the word ‘responsibility’, typically in our early
teens, it usually feels like a heavy weight of burden dropped on our shoulders
by an authority figure. Our first experience of ‘being responsible’ usually feels
like we’ve been backed into a corner with little freedom. In my early 20s, I
was taught: ‘Responsibility is the ‘ability’ to control your ‘responses’ from
others and from life.’ Breaking down the word in this way is empowering.
When you take the driver’s seat in your own life, rather than self-victimize
by blaming others for what happens to you, you free yourself from the
prison of excuses or circumstance and reclaim your power to create. This
fiery center of responsibility is found in the solar plexus chakra, Manipura.
This month, explore taking responsibility for what you have been consciously
and unconsciously creating with your thoughts, words, and actions. Access
your inner fire by asking what is it you desire to manifest in your future.
Notice if you experience freedom through this act of conscious creation!
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